BLACK DEMENTIA "Dictum Of Negation"

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BLACK DEMENTIA "Dictum Of Negation"
  • Album: Dictum Of Negation
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • France

Even though they have ten years of activity, they only are just experiencing their official debut. There has been a MCD released three years ago, but it passed rather unnoticed. I've listened to the album for a few times, hoping to uncover some particular and remarkable elements, yet I could find nothing. It is a common Black Metal album, rooted in Death Metal too, based on rapidity and aggressiveness, and that's all about it. The sound is not bad at all, and it is obvious that these are experimented musicians. Still, it's not sufficient for getting the desired attention on this scene. Considering the fact there are solely three individuals involved, the sound is a quality one. But that's about all.