BLEEDINIG CANVAS "Issue 3, 2003 (60 pages A5, Xerox, English)"

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BLEEDINIG CANVAS "Issue 3, 2003 (60 pages A5, Xerox, English)"
  • Album: Issue 3, 2003 (60 pages A5, Xerox, English)
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Thailand

This is just another fanzine promoting extreme underground and even the editor defines his effort as: "Horror Fucking Death Metal'Zine". In a precarious shape, with simplistic interviews and superficial reviews, in lack of imagination... this very material could wake some interest solely for the collectors of printed fanzines. I haven't found anything special or professional... but a certain interest, devotement and some appreciable intentions. You could read interviews with BEHEADED, BLOODY GORE, BUTCHERY, CADAVEROUS, CREMATION, EDGECRUSHER, ENTHRALIMENT, HYPONIC, INHUMATE, KRVESTREB, MORTEM, PYOPOESY... But nothing in addition! Yongyuth H, P.O. BOX 83, Huamark, Bangkok , 10243, Thailand , .