BLODSRIT "Ocularis Infernum"

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BLODSRIT "Ocularis Infernum"
  • Album: Ocularis Infernum
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

This is an elegant first rate album, well made up, accurate in interpretation and with plenty of melodic passages. All is based on Black Metal in Nordic style, with deep roots in MARDUK or CARPATHIAN FOREST . It reminds me a little of RAGNAROK's debut! After a discreet debut, Nazgul finds other three members and, taking benefit of Dan Swano's mixing skills, releases a strong album with extremely aggressive vocals and a battery that seems to never stop. It was a pleasant audition... turning my face to the past but..., let's not forget, we still are in III Millennium! Innovation, originality...? Maybe this is just an obsession of mine!