BLOOD RED THRONE "Affiliated With The Suffering"

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BLOOD RED THRONE "Affiliated With The Suffering"
  • Album: Affiliated With The Suffering
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Mama mia, what a production...what recordings... and what a perfect mixed outcome! Although I am not keen on cursive Death Metal, this last album of theirs really pleased me. Which would be the "pluses" in comparison with " Monument Of Death "? Superior technique, emphatic aggressiveness, remarkable rapidity and a clear production! BRT features now that classical Death Metal that brought popularity to bands such as ENTOMBED, GORGUTS, DEATH or OBITUARY. In other words, we find here influences both from the American and Swedish scenes, while the fast passages simply remind me of old SLAYER. Everything sounds exemplary, by the book, I'd say yet with one single remark: the innovation chapter is completely missing. Anyway, this is a real explosive device for all nostalgic fans of brutality-type. For the rest of us, this is nothing more than a sample of routine...