BLOOD RED THRONE "Monument Of Death"

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BLOOD RED THRONE "Monument Of Death"
  • Album: Monument Of Death
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I have no idea why in this particular period deciding to write about this album especially in view of the fact that I have it since September. Perhaps because I was not so enchanted by the SATYRICON (Tchort and Dod) ex-guitars players' performance, at least not as far as Death Metal is concerned. I would not desire for you to believe this album sound bad or it is not a good quality one! It is just that I wanted to hear more Black tunes and perhaps in a more personal technique, not simply American Death Metal in approach of old DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY or AUTOPSY. Guitars are extremely fast while the drums develop an almost transmissible energy and the aggressive voice generates an apocalyptic atmosphere. The artwork is an extreme one even horror and I understood there were quite some problems of censoring in several countries. Probably, Tchort decided to go on with what he started in 1999 with IN THE WOODS...yet after choosing for EMPEROR, he orientated much more towards progressive horizons. Intriguing or not, Tchort expresses on this album a brutal side of the music he conceived composed and preformed and I do not see any reason you should not decipher it by yourselves. Although there is nothing new, BRT reminds of another Norwegian band that sounded in the beginning in the same way, even if "Soulside Journey" passed for many as a not one of the best DARK THRONE album. Well, in this particular case we can enjoy only a debut material!