BLOODSHED "Inhabitans Of Dis"

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BLOODSHED "Inhabitans Of Dis"
  • Album: Inhabitans Of Dis
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 

One of my reviews praised the activity of the Italian label and the quality judgment when selecting bands to promote. Well, well, I guess this time I have no clue for understanding what in the world could be the place of a Swedish band at Code666? Furious fast Death/Black Metal, demonic voice, murderous battery and characteristic elements for 90's Metal underground... If it were to speak solely about the performing part, I'd say the five musicians are just fine, they keep the rhythm and the instruments under control but we entered already the third Millennium! Shall we still impress with messages such "crush, kill, destroy and re-kill"? Perhaps 10 years ago an album of this kind would have been devoured. Today... I wonder how many nostalgic persons would risk listening to BLOODSHED? I wouldn't! Moreover, a significant issue is that the band comes from Sweden, a beehive of Black/Death Metal bands! Well, as it suits you... as the most upset and deranged of you have the chance to enjoy another sample of Metallic violence and fastness a little out of time and place if referring to nowadays!!!