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  • Album: MoRT
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • France

Wow, what madness, such confusion, a true disorder! Chaotic, sinister and macabre Black Metal! I can't even recall the last time I've listened to such insanity like this one! I remember this band since the time I was struggling to release the first issue of my magazine, but back those years they went under the name VLAD. I only know they've released an album, "Ultima Thulee" on a French label and that I've written about it, and also that Vindsval wanted to do an interview. Nevermind. The three Frenchmen started with a Black Metal carrying Norse scents, and afterwards they've decided to approach another sort of Black Metal, the one I'm listening to right now and that is a hard one to describe! It is, if you wish, a rejoinder to Finnish Funeral Doom, alongside WINTER or DISEMBOWELMENT remnants, in their Black Metal dimensions (as I am referring to the rhythm), but the created atmosphere is an apocalyptic, hallucinating and inaccessible one! The guitars play distorted sounds, the guys rather seem to attune them and the battery doesn't follow any rhythm, while the beast voices pop out and pass off unexpectedly...

These Frenchmen are either out of their minds or they live in a totally different dimension! I almost didn't understand a thing from this album, but still, the sound atmosphere is an interesting one! You may try more of it... in order to do that, follow their advice: ... turn off the light, enter if you dare...