Borknagar "Epic"

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Borknagar "Epic"
  • Album: Epic
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Oystein comes back in forth with the sixth chapter after three years of silence... and I must say that it was worth the waiting! The new material is even more avant-garde than "Empiricism" and very complex as well. The new tracks are posted on a weird structure of Black Metal but they are pretty diversified and I think there are to be heard new dimensions indeed. Lars A. Nedland's synth (SOLEFALD) is absolutely great and Asgeir Mickelson's drum (SPIRAL ARHITECT) follows an amazing rhythm. Vintersorg's vocal part is almost identical with "Empiricism" having regular turning points from screaming to actually singing perfectly harmonized with the rest of the instruments. Personally I would have preferred for the aggressive vocals to disappear since there are some rhythms' successions in which Epic Progressive features an exquisite charm and even more: the clean voice chanted brings in a unique atmosphere. Obviously, the synth fills the whole sound and leads the whole arsenal of instruments. There are both some aggressive tracks such as "Resonance" and some peaceful ones, even defensive I'd say and here the vocals tend to be rather Rock than Metal. If I think about, in better terms, I believe that the four musicians do their best to play exactly what is close to their heart and here from it is obvious that BORKNAGAR rather sounds like an experiment or, better, like a musicians' team: Oystein is the one who still insists on that Nordic aggressive Black Metal, Vintersorg oscillates between a violent and melodic tone of the voice, Lars proves that SOLEFALD's synth tends to reach various other dimensions, non-Metallic, featuring even 70's elements while Asgeir's battery simply confirms Lars' new trend even if keeping the other ones' in background. If BORKNAGAR lasted so far, well, it is Oystein's merit! Nevertheless, on this album it is obvious that Oystein granted each artist with freedom of expression as he liked so that the album might be judged as a diverse Metallic experiment, full of weird elements, in lack of cursiveness and any Metallic logics... it is a kind of amalgam of trends from all possible stylistic domains and it confuses and, if indulgently criticized, it might be accepted as a major transformation in style which is not yet finalized. Anyway, if the tracks' structure can be forever commented...I tell you one thing: the musicians' virtuosity and sound's clarity are undeniable.