Borknagar "Origin"

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Borknagar "Origin"
  • Album: Origin
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

My friend Oystein announced me about an year ago to be in waiting cause he intends to release a new album, a purely experimental one, some sort of Acoustic Classical Metal. Well, now I have the opportunity to recount you about these nine tracks, which indeed have nothing to do with the vanguardist Black Metal we were used to. Vintersorg's voice is a normal one (at times even trolled out), there are warm guitars, the keyboard is accompanied by several other traditional instruments, I could name it Folk, but the specific elements for the 70's are entwined with the mere Progressive ones on this particular album. Therefore, we are dealing with a calm album, without any metal riff, dynamic or sound burst.

Vintersorg, alongside Lars and Asgeir, try to create a distinct musical universe around Oystein's guitar, one enriched with various drums, cello, flute (with the participation of a remarkable Norwegian personality), violins, but they've socked me solely by approach. I was expecting BORKNAGAR to deliver a far more dynamic material, even if, the new approach is elegant and it makes a pleasant audition. The atmosphere created by this very album is a remarkable one, the instruments sound great, but, I repeat, the masculine voice does not allow the authentic BORKNAGAR sound to be outlined, it rather shows Vintersorg's emblem. At least a combination of vocals could have brought more personality to BORKNAGAR's sound. I doubt this new musical experience will please the band's fans, as the final result is barely above average, even if the basic idea is an excellent one. You should also know that you have another version for the "Oceans Rise" track, first released on the 1998 album, "The Archaic Course". Even though "Origin" is the sixth album, I couldn't say it enters the same chronology or it is linked with the rest of the albums... as I said, it is just a different experience!