Brendan Perry "Ark"

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Brendan Perry "Ark"

It might be the last years’ most expected album! DEAD CAN DANCE’s male half took quite some time until he managed to create his second solo album.

After “Eye Of The Hunter” we thought that Brendan’s inspiration will lead to a more frequent apparition of new materials. Truthfully, from 1999 to nowadays we had a share of only 2 beautiful songs, “Babylon” and “Crescent”, played exclusively in their DEAD CAN DANCE tour, held in 2005…

A while ago he posted on his myspace page a new song, “Utopia” (very expressive but too mainstream) and… that was all. There were also some collaborations with various bands, having the greatest resonance with last year’s PIANO MAGIC. Too little for this musical genius!

But let me make some references to “Ark. It is an album which does not wish to be a conceptual one, it’s different than the previous one regarding the complete disappearance of guitars’ echoes and real percussion, everything is replaced by the samples and synthesizer. If I would have listened to these songs in their instrumental version, maybe they wouldn’t have remained stuck on my retina… and I’m referring to most  of the songs, except the two played in 2005. A beautiful song having a  melancholic dimension, with a ravishing trace of sadness is “This Boy”, probably a sequence with reference to all the soldiers “thrown” in the conflict zones by all the corrupt politicians… or even more, the religious exploitation of not only colonies still existing all around the world!

Overall, a rather simple rhythm, too paced, even danceable to, too synthetic and not a bit experimental for my ears and I believe - for any DEAD CAN DANCE fan. I’m vexed enough about the album… I was expecting it to be a masterpiece… actually, we are offered only a sensational voice (if not the most beautiful I’ve ever heard) which tries to hold up an instrumentation’s standard that doesn’t excel in anything, maybe only in the atmospheric part, reminding me occasionally of ARCANA.

It must be listened, sniffed, digested and  accepted… because when it comes to fascination… I’m not that confident. Even if the review might seem negative, it is not. For a rather cosmopolitan music listener, “Ark” might be an interesting, provoking, pleasant album. For the DEAD CAN DANCE fan, only an album which must be remembered, exactly like in the case of“Black Opal”, where Lisa insisted annoyingly much on Portishead-styled Trip-Hop.

I’m still convinced that Brendan’s live version has a totally another dynamic, this is why I recommend everyone not to miss his concert from the 29th of March from the Royal Palace!