Bucovina "Ceasul aducerii-aminte"

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Bucovina "Ceasul aducerii-aminte"
  • Album: Ceasul aducerii-aminte
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

In my very underground and already known ignorance, I had no idea that this band still exists and moreover has released an album. Consequently to some exchange of e-mails with the leader of this band, Crivat, I've remembered that about 15 years ago, he has been invited to my radio show, presenting the demo of a band that no longer exists. Later on, I have heard certain echoes regarding BUCOVINA; it was intensely appreciated in Iasi, alongside GOD, as Castor and Crivat were the leaders of the two bands. Well, those are bygone times, distinct memories... This very debut is characterized by a very elegant and quality executed digi-pack, with a fine booklet presenting all the lyrics, including the one in Norwegian, taken over from Vanargandr (HELHEIM). The sound does not excel in what concerns the mixing, but it isn't bad either; the guitars are annoying on certain sequences, yet there are also atmospheric, melodic, rhythmic and quite pleasant fragments, alternating with rapid, even violent ones.

They label their approach as Viking Metal, but Traditional Black Metal with Folk influences seems more appropriate to me though. "Luna Prestre Varfuri" is the most expressive track, within which the normal voice and the specific elements remind me of PHOENIX. Therefore, presenting some Northern Black/Viking influences (HELHEIM, ENSIFERUM, MOONSORROW), filtered throughout certain GOD or NEGURA BUNGET elements, the four succeed into giving life to a skilful debut, without any great virtuosity or a unitary concept for the album, yet it is one that goes beyond my expectations. The voices alternation seldom turn vexatious and the same goes for the rhythm transitions, seemingly too brutal... otherwise, it is an album you should listen to, because in today's Romania, there are far too few bands that still succeed into passing above the line of mediocrity. As I've understood from Crivat, they are intensely working to their second album (there are also some line-up changes), that is announcing as a tremendous one, especially as the traditional elements will be enhanced. Let's wait and see!