Burzum "Fallen"

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Burzum "Fallen"
  • Album: Fallen
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: BYELOBOG
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Varg doesn't give up and wants to prove that his Black Metal is unique!

From this point of view, BURZUM is unmistakable! Even though we're speaking about the album number 9, the Norwegian finds different sources of inspiration to transpose in music his own visions. I kept reading that “Belus” is a brilliant album, a real masterpiece. I say it was a long awaited album. “Fallen” has some elements from it but, on the other hand, it’s more airy, more atmospheric, in the “Det Som Engand Var” style. Even the clear vocal passages seem to have their own beauty, even though through this approach, Varg gives the impression of a more romantic, perhaps organic sound. “Jeg Faller”'s refrain immediately remained stuck in my mind, the combination of raw guitar with the structural melody of passages and voice inflections smartly underlining another BURZUM dimension.

“Valen” insists way too much on the melodic side with aggressive voices overlaid on the clean ones, this song probably being the most accessible and appreciated of the entire material. The remaining compositions appear to be more aggressive (“Budstikken” is impressive), but just as atmospheric and very simple both in structure and interpretation... We also have a pretty dull intro and a final instrumental song that has no connection with anything whatsoever, let's call it an experimental mantra BURZUM version. This new material is closer to my heart than “Belus”, maybe because “Hvis...” and “Det...” were the albums I greatly appreciated at that time and now have visible connections with the present sound. On the other hand, I still expect from this interesting musician a musical jewel as his talent, but one that wouldn't copy or repeat anything from the past. Varg Vikernes was one of true Black Metal's innovators and my respect for this artist's music is utmost, even though after “Filosofem”, nothing seemed as exciting.