CALES "Savage Blood"

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CALES "Savage Blood"
  • Album: Savage Blood
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Czech Republic

Blackosh is one of the founders of the famous band ROOT. It's well known as a talented guitarist due to his performance along his CALES project that has now reached album number four. For the ones unfamiliar with it, CALES performs an elaborated Metal, pretty Heavy Metal, yet also covering the Epic dimension, bombastic, and the entire sound gravitates around the guitars; the tracks are quite complex and scent of a saga, concentrating on instrumental sequences and placing the voice on a less important plan. Both in what concerns the imagery and the musical approach, CALES reminded me of Quorthon and his BATHORY project! I must say though that the Czech's music is far calmer, more Rock, less Dark and seemingly more commercial. Virtuosity is to be found within it, yet it lacks mightiness!