CALLENISH CIRCLE "Graceful... yet Forbidding"

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CALLENISH CIRCLE "Graceful... yet Forbidding"
  • Album: Graceful... yet Forbidding
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I finally came to listen to an intriguing material. Although as far as the orientation is concerned, the Dutch band brings no news, the method of combining metallic styles is a very successful one so that the entire album's atmosphere is magnificent imposing and sober; full of verve and force. If "Drift Of Empathy" passed unobserved, the new material simply produced the band's well deserved acknowledgement so that this very album is already released under Metal Blade mark. All who desire for hearing more of Black, Thrash, Doom, Death Metal in a full of energy manner should choose for this CD as it might be an appropriate choice. A little of a technical detail: this very CD includes as well "Escape" MCD, therefore everything tends and tempts for buying the product!