Canaan "Contro.Luce"

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Canaan "Contro.Luce"
  • Album: Contro.Luce
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Eibon, Aural
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

People, if you haven't listened to anything interesting lately, it's time you get ready for the sixth CANAAN album, out on the 15th of January ! It is a real musical jewel. But let's see the way I present the Italian quintet's latest compositions, because I don't want to puzzle one or another... the ones who know how to feast on CANAAN definitely know RAS ALGETHI... and their phenomenal album released many many years ago... So, the ones expecting something Dark from CANAAN might be slightly disappointed, but this could relate to the ones who want to listen the same musical style even 20 years after, the same timbre fixed between classical limits and that's it. It was normal for the Italians to release something else, especially when their project was always something innovative and hard to assimilate with other bands. But when I say it is not Dark, I don't mean it is Light... It's another approach of the Dark's dimension, a more complex one, which takes us through different influences, from Cold Wave and Ambient to Experimental and even Ethno. It is by far the most varied CANAAN material, but also the most avant-gardes, even though the word cosmopolitan would have sounded better. And for the first time, the texts are in Italian, which I find very appropriate and authentic, perfect for this genre's debonair aura.

For the ones who haven't listened to something like that so far, it means that the surprise will be big, for they have no expectations... but curiosities... well, there must be the will to discover atypical lands, lacking any slice of standardization or stylistic classification. It is no secret that I was, am and will be an unconditional CANAAN fan... I was "struck" by Mauro's music over 15 years ago and I enjoyed the fact that what he and his team created engendered me an unique state, from meditation and isolation to nostalgia or cold melancholy...

The musicians did not disclaim now either, the accomplished material being, probably, their entire history's clearest shape of maturity and inspiration... The album runs slightly over 70 minutes, 21 songs, half of them being the eternal ambient interludes, which now have more color and melodic shape, making a better team with the so-called songs, damn well designed ! "Noia" and "Onore" are two songs as expressive as sorrowful and streaming of frozen melody. Actually, the album begins with a very atmospheric and friendly song, "Calma", then everything takes a hostile form to all superficial ears... The album becomes more and more complicated, introverted as message, here and there broken by different melodic interferences led by an ample keyboard and arrhythmic battery. The voice shows us that it could sound awfully strange, "Terrore" being a perfect example for the tangles the five wanted to express. We easely breathe on "Ragione", a very calm and atmospheric piece that reminds me of RAS ALGETHI, only that the normal voice seems too normal... After an Ethno interlude, "Oblio" makes its presence, a song on which all instruments are perfectly perceived, including the voices that now are varied, multiple and spectacular... "Lascivia", "Umiltu" and "Concupiscenza" emphasize much on the Ambient and Experimental combination, with many percussion references. We then wake up arriving at "Esitazione", a shamanic song that throws us into another dimension, equally odd and mystical. The album ends with a songs as melancholic as romantic, where the guitars seem to communicate perfectly with the constantly used keyboard, somehow overshadowing the fabulously sounding voices!

One over another, an album which made me forget completely about daily worries. And now I see that in the last 3 hours a significant layer of snow settled and it is still snowing... It's clear that I have to refill my glass of Chianti and turn on to another CANAAN listening... the weather helps me, the environment is favorable, the music, as always, sublime ! Damn beautiful!