Canaan "The Unsaid Words"

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Canaan "The Unsaid Words"
  • Album: The Unsaid Words
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: EIBON
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Another band that tickles my fancy! It has a special place in my heart ever since the Italians have released their excellent project RAS ALGETHI, more then ten years ago. That was followed by four other albums under CANAAN name; the first was brilliant, the next ones were above the average and now, in 2006, a new chapter has been opened! I've always been severe with the bands I care about and tolerant with all the rest. In what concerns this particular CANAAN last product, I can only be upset with the simplicity of the sound and of the way in which the instruments are used. Better said, after you listen to the album several times, you will probably consider that the sound is a rather synthetic one, too computerized, without any effects or mistakes that could bring life and soul to the tracks. Still, this aspect can be overlooked in comparison with the atmosphere that the spectacular tracks manage to create. If they are Dark, Wave, Experimental, Goth or Melancholic - only you can be the judge of that! Concerning the inspirational side, this last album seems comparable with the first one, but regarding the impact or the general impression, I'd say it is slightly under the debute. Although the "pain, desolate and solitude" aura seems to be at ease, the guest voice of Gianni (COLLOQUIO) initiates a lighter dimension, maybe also a little more commercial and tangible (but yet sad) one, which, in my opinion, doesn't always complete the CANAAN atmosphere. For instance, the memorable and outstanding track "Never Again" stands as a proof of what I have just said. As usual, we can uncover the alternation of melodical tracks, revealing both lyrics and vocals, with others that are simple ambiental interludes; among these, we can find some interesting tracks (check the superb "Sterile" or "Fragment #2", with sonorities that remind me of ITW...), while others are nothing more than noises, expressed in a Dark form. We witness tracks in Italian and English, each language having its own charm on the CANAAN stave ... although it seems that the Italian ones lack the roughness and enhance the melancholical feature! "Fragile" reminds me the elevating sound of Doom Metal RAS ALGETHI project, while the guitar scratchings from the "In a Never Fading Illusion" make me think about several Italian Rock musicians.

The keyboard represents again the key element of the sound and, together with the guitars, it guides the way to this CANAAN universe: Nothing, Never, Nowhere... "The Unsaid Words" is probably the most melodical, beautiful and comprehensive track; it brings up the memory of the unforgetable "Blue Fire", in which the vocals play a very important part, especially because they are louder, more stressed (not just sung) and excellently sincronized with the instruments. The most complex, evolved and truely unbelieveble is the last track: "Nothing Left (to share)" - it could be viewed as a farewell message; in about 7 minutes, the five artists demonstrate us once again that the CANAAN realm cannot be limited in any pattern. The title and the cover are fully inspired and so are the tracks, everything is elegant, majestic, slow and mournful ... meaning CANAAN! And when I come to think that there were rumours a couple of years ago about the desintegration of the band!