CARVED IN STONE "The Forgotten Belief"

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CARVED IN STONE "The Forgotten Belief"
  • Album: The Forgotten Belief
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Well, this is a surprise! The solo project of one known as Swawa seems to be a very inspired one, full of interesting ideas and governed by a meditative dreaming aura. If you prefer what Andrea/HAGALAZ'RUNEDANCE or CORONA BOREALIS performs, then CARVED IN STONE most certainly would help in continuing the experience of following your own ego and entity deeply inside yourselves. The activity of this character is actually pretty unknown if we take in account that bands like DARK INTENTION or TAUNUSHEIM still say not much for the public. Unlike the other Nordic Folk bands, CARVED IN STONE is strongly orientated towards medieval and even ballad and the balmy female voice has a major role for such, one that dominates the entire sound. The peaceful sound confers a certain mood of tranquillity, but the mystical shades, perhaps based on fiction approach, plainly enter and vibrate inside a Nordic mythology that, in the end, the final sound outlines a Dark Ambient aura which can be often found at Pagan bands. I really have not a single idea of this band's future but if I ever were asked I would strongly recommend for any specialized label to trust CARVED IN STONE potential since... in the most pessimistic perspective, there still would be nothing to lose! MCD appeared in a limited edition of 500 samples and features a professional booklet following the same line as the entire musical concept. One single remark: lyrics, both in English and German represent another specific facet of SWAWA's music.