Cecilia Eyes "Here Dead We Lie"

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Cecilia Eyes "Here Dead We Lie"
  • Album: Here Dead We Lie
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: dEPOT214
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

The Thys brothers managed to captivate me with a new album, more versatile, complex this time and seeming to have come from another world ! In a more ample formula, the Belgian quintet presents us eight new songs of a ravishing beauty, an incredible Post Rock, Math Rock, DreamPop and Shoegaze mix, dominated by a unique romantic favor ! The last song, “Death For Treason” develops  a new emotion I experienced only on the Japanese MONO ‘s “Moonlight”.

Yes, CECILIA EYES is the perfect European reply for MONO, less tangled than MOGWAI, but also more quiet than EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, PELICAN or RUSSIAN CIRCLES… the comparisons could be extended even towards ISIS, CRANES, GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT or JESU, TIDES OF NEBULA, but structurally the differences are major… but not as reach or created atmosphere !

The previous album, dating from 2007, “Mountain Tops Are Sometimes Closer To The Moon” captivated me through that melancholic dimension characteristic to those sonorities, but something seemed to lack…  Well, the Belgies added exactly what they should have, meaning that the battery parts are more varied and expressive and the piano is more present and inspiredly used, outlining a yet unheard by me poetic form… for example, try “The Departure”, the fifth song from the album ! The voice insertions and vocal samples extend the Instrumental Post Rock form towards other lands, psychedelic and cosmic touches throwing the listener in between worlds…   see “Anthem For Doomed Youth” or “No Prayers, No Bells, No Homeland”… you can even think of GODSPEED YOU!BLACK EMPEROR, why not?
The most classic and less experimental song seems to be “Four Lost Soldiers”, not complicated at all, but with a sad print, of regret, easy to landmark with the first tunes.
The album begins with the song “Like Wolves” and I find it the most appropriate to introduce you to this strange universe! Less influenced by SIGUR ROS (if you want here an interesting reply, search for the French KWOON’s last album, good friends with CECILIA EYES), with obvious references to the 90s Shoegaze (SLOWDIVE, COCTEAU TWINS or even MY BLOODY VALENTINE), CECILIA EYES makes a colossal step with this album in this scene and I am convinced I won’t be the only one with so many superlatives.

In this aspect, I read some other’s words who’s in love with the album, maybe the most suitable for what we have here… “This is an album of soundscapes, of space for reflection, of soaring guitars, of despair and emotion, of passionate drumming".  The album is officially released today, the 16th of April and that’s why I wanted to write about it…

After a one month continuous audition, a period I thought my adulation will somewhat dissipate, it seems that my feelings are the same when it comes to the eight songs ! Two days ago I went to see in Bucharest four Germans who approach an interesting Post Rock, KOKOMO … what a fantastic energy they managed to liberate! I don’t even want to think how it would be to see live CECILIA EYES, where 3 guitars, a bass, a battery, a keyboard and some vocal samples would rock everything !

Such music goes well digested at home and in a concert ! Recommended being listened to far from the ordinary, troubles…everything !