CELTIC FROST "Monotheist"

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CELTIC FROST "Monotheist"
  • Album: Monotheist
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Switzerland

I am a bit puzzled, because I have to do this review about a band I grew up listening to, and I do believe that "Into The Pandemonium" is one outstanding attainments around the 80's! When I come to think that Tom G. Warrior and Martin Eric Ain return after 14 years with a new album, the seventh, I enter a strange mood, and I prefer to let their music to speak for itself... Still, I want to point out certain aspects: there is Thrash, Gothic too (that really sounds stupid!), it is all melodious, entwining different voices, feminine ones too, we experience hale guitar riffs... we are dealing with an extremely well conceived album, veiled in mystic shades, evenly occult ones, incantations, several effects... I don't know if it's better than "Into The Pandemonium", but I know for sure that Tom succeeded into ingeniously mixing the old elements with the new ones and, even if this attempt doesn't always pleasantly incur the hearing (perhaps unprepared for such transitions) the final result is a remarkable one! I am delighted to know that CELTIC FROST proves once again its existence is within a distinct musical galaxy, one than doesn't imply any stylistic labelling.

We are talking about a CULT band, an inspirational one for the entire Metal scene during those 20 past years, and I cannot overlook some guitars' resemblances with PANTERA or BIOHAZARD, nor the fact some sequences remind us certain Black sonorities! But it is due to the fact that all those bands reminded above evolved listening to CELTIC FROST! No more legend, end of the review: an album that imposes respect and that should take place in everyone's collection!