CHALICE "An Illusion to the Temporary Real"

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CHALICE "An Illusion to the Temporary Real"
  • Album: An Illusion to the Temporary Real
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

I was reading, one of these days, on the band's site Guestbook, that there were some opinions criticizing Shiralee's feminine voice coming from someone who took canto lessons. It seems like polemic is in ascendance over there so, if you desire having fun on such issue try and soon Now, back to music, CHALICE comes in forth with their second album by all means not original yet tremendously attractive. I haven't listened to the first album so I am not in the position of comparing, which leaves me no choice, but to focus on this very album's characteristics: a mixture of Gothic Metal with Doom, very tranquil Atmospheric, a voice palely reminding me of THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL (Shiralee), a peaceful flute apt to create a certain mood of meditation, guitars' Rock, Gothic and Metal tunes, melancholic passages and romantic rhythms. The sound misses a confident strength, as the only limelight might be the flute closely followed by the female voice. If regarding it as a unitary whole, the album has nothing new to show, nothing in particular since everything is a replica of European Gothic Metal sound in the manner of Stavanger/Norway's bands yet much more serene featuring also a few psychedelic tints. I found pretty curious that the seven tracks managed somehow to arouse my interest and even determined me to listen to the album for several times consecutively. It is noticeable the fact we can also enjoy pleasant Gothic Metal from the kangaroos' continent!