CHAOSTAR "The Scarlet Queen"

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CHAOSTAR "The Scarlet Queen"
  • Album: The Scarlet Queen
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

Chris Antoniou is one of the most talented musicians in the Gothic scene. If we need to develop the Gothic realm, I should mention more about that Classic or Opera dimension not the Metal one. Having no connection with a project already closed (SEPTIC FLESH), CHAOSTAR brings in the third chapter of Neo Classical Gothic Opera, based on voices, choirs, sopranos, theatric effects, avant-garde esoteric atmosphere full of both melodiousness, romantic caress and grave demonic notes...making references to these lands' history. I'd say that the majestic sumptuous aura discharged by those 12 tracks accurately reflects the very musical approach CHAOSTAR has decided to insist on and...there is one more thing: the soprano's voice, Sapfo, is absolutely divine! So, dear fans of old ELEND or of the genial band DEVIL DOLL, hurry up to put your hands on this genuine Gothic sample! Yet, keep in mind this: it has nothing to do with Metal or Rock! It is just Classical...Symphonic! I guess, under a different perspective, it could be perceived as a great soundtrack!