CHILDREN OF BODOM "Follow The Reaper"

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CHILDREN OF BODOM "Follow The Reaper"
  • Album: Follow The Reaper
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

The Finnish band enjoyed quite a short ride in order to reach the top and this merit is half of the band, half of the label, which did an extraordinary job massively promoting it. I will not refer at the band's history since everybody knows it well. I prefer taking a glance to the band's new orientation. Most definitely, instead of the Atmospheric and Mystic, fresh tunes, alert rhythms, plenty of Heavy and some Black Metal took control of the music. The sound is an exceedingly good and enjoyable one, entertaining for home audition as well as for live performances. The tracks are simple but they strike you directly in your belly, due to ravishing guitars and the remarkable Metal voice; it is rather completely Speed or Heavy Metal. The album itself did not disappoint me but the manner COB decided to approach music now. I still do prefer their first album. In other words, Finnish play now exactly the music that can bring big money. Although professional, unfortunately the commercial-instrumental note rules the new sequences while Alex & Co practically left the underground zone, even if that was what made them famous a few years ago. The future sound good, don't you think?