CODE "Resplendent Grotesque"

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CODE "Resplendent Grotesque"
  • Album: Resplendent Grotesque
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: TABU
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

One of the bands that deserved interest some years ago was also CODE. The album released in 2005, entitled “Nouveau Gloaming” was already preparing us to something of an avant-garde nature, something we haven’t listened to since those golden ages of ED BUENS ENDE or DODHEIMSGARD. It was only normal to be so, as Vicotnik is present with the bass part and backing vocals and Kvohst vocals, so a lot of hints of the old DODHEIMSGARD. The drummer is none other than Adrian Erlandsson, known through his collaboration with AT THE GATES or CRADLE OF FILTH. Andras and the leader Aort are the two guitar players who make this demented Black Metal project a whole, a band that I would like to see on stage as soon as possible! The new album, delayed a few months, is incomparable with the debut, meaning that it is incredibly technical and well finished, with impeccable vocal performances (clean and aggressive), incredible drums (making some real damage with his double pedal, impossible rhythms and superb connecting passages), a bass guitar that gives a remarkable seriousness and sobriety to the sound and two guitars that complete a music that is perfect, especially as we have solo parts reminding of WINDS. In fact, there is an unusual mix of Technical, Progressive and Black Metal, built on an avant-garde like skeleton with hints of FLEURETY, VED BUENS ENDE or ARCTURUS. A true pleasure listening to this album, too bad that it is too short, the 8 tracks ending too soon… Or perhaps I liked it so much that I felt the need for a few more sequences?