COLLOQUIO "Si Muove E Ride"

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COLLOQUIO "Si Muove E Ride"
  • Album: Si Muove E Ride
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: EIBON
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

There is Gianni Pedretti returning with his project, after several apparitions on the last two CANAAN albums and on the NERONOIA debut. Consequently to the album released in 2001, the four have now recorded a new and very, very weird material! Reminding me of an AMON like Ambient and scenting of Eibon Records' Dark Wave, let's say a la FROZEN AUTUMN, the Italians present us an elegant, calm and mysterious work, extremely relaxed in what concerns the sound effects, yet deeply saturated in darkness... a certain sensuality is aroused by the pessimistic, sad, and slightly depressive dimension... Gianni's calm and remarkably low tonality voice represents the key element of this very album, which I hardly try to characterize yet I haven't found the right description for it so far.

It worth to be listened, even if it also harbours less dynamic fragments, but monotonous is certainly not a fair term to call it! It's not CANAAN, neither NERONOIA, it's completely distinct, atypical, arrhythmic, without melody, but rapturous!