Colosseum "Chapter 1: Delirium"

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Colosseum "Chapter 1: Delirium"
  • Album: Chapter 1: Delirium
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: FIREBOX
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Certainly, living in Finland means experiencing deep depression from time to time, and also to feel the imperious desire of total isolation... those beautiful views, the climate, everything seems to resonate with the mood of some profound darkers, alike Juhani Palomaki. I know him for many years and his activity in YEARNING brought five impressive albums, released at Holy Records, in France. The Atmospheric Gothic Doom Metal approach didn't satisfy Juhani, and so he decided to create another musical project, more aggressive and more solemn than YEARNING. That's the story behind the birth this quartet, one following the Funeral Doom Metal path, to which it adds Ambient and Orchestral valences and releases a splendidly beautiful album. The guitars remind me of early DECORYAH, the keyboard is darkly present all along, the voice is throaty and prolonged, saturated in despair and contempt towards the daily life... We are dealing with an album of isolation, solitude, bleakness... within or around us. The six tracks are finely executed, so we have over an hour of intensively emotional music, not necessarily original too. Finnish Slow Doom Metal fans cannot deprive themselves from the joy of listening to this material, especially as it is the creation of a veteran of the Metal scene. It is a complex and complete album!