Colosseum "Parasomnia"

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Colosseum "Parasomnia"
  • Album: Parasomnia
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: FIREDOOM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

It's a strange feeling writing about the music of a friend who's no longer with us. Juhani Palomaki was a brilliant musician, who succeeded with YEARNING, in over 15 years, to give an entirely different face to the Doom Dark Metal genre. Starting with 2006, he decided to lay the foundation for another musical project, not a new style, but difficult to express and to assimilate, much slower and darker.

This is how COLOSSEUM appears, a splendid Funeral Doom Metal quartet. The first two albums, released in 2007 and 2009, revolutionized this scene and the band has won worldwide fans in a very short time. Last spring, Juhani recorded a new album after which he decided to commit suicide. Few people know that I spoke to Juhani in March about releasing the live album in Romania, in Brasov. It wasn't meant to be the shocking news troubled me at that time and I had nothing left but wait for the release of the latest COLOSSEUM material.

After listening to the new 5 compositions, I understood that there was no hope left for Juhani! The Doom Metal hour is truly extreme, sick, dark and gloomy. Intoxicating choruses, ambiental passages, all kinds of voices, the trumpet, violin, cello, plenty of guest musicians... damned funeral atmosphere, epic, tragic!

A collection album for every Doom Metal fan, a sample of music made with passion and dedication, even if, in Juhani's case, was made in the most extreme way. R.I.P.