COMITY " everything is a tragedy"

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COMITY " everything is a tragedy"
  • Album: everything is a tragedy
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • United States

There's no meaning for me in this NYHC music! Actually, it's a prolonged noise, mostly brutal, without any healthy logic. There are a few domestic fragments, softer ones, but on the whole it doesn't seem to be a traditional album. We can spot many well - known Black Metal influences, also Death, Noise and Grind elements predominant in the first part of the album, while the second one turns out more accessible; my feeling is that the five interpreters have some musical ideas of their own, but they chose to express themselves in a very intricate and sinister way, a nonconformist and unfamiliar one.

The voices are extremely aggressive, the guitars stand as a proof of their good skills, it's just that they prefer to play, throwing a shadow on quality and virtuosity. Solely one word to end this review: odd!