COPH NIA "The Dark Illuminati: A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts"

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COPH NIA "The Dark Illuminati: A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts"
  • Album: The Dark Illuminati: A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: COLD MEAT
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Aldenon Satorial overruns himself with this new album. In fact album is somehow a too generous word, because we also have some cover-versions, among which "Sympathy for the Devil" sounds so odd that even Mick Jagger would have to harass into listening to it and furthermore, recognize it! Dark Ambient dresses in Martial cloths now, choosing some Epic dimensions too, but the second part is far more accessible, melodic, melancholic and warm comparing with the first one, which is characterized by a confusing and sinister, even frightening Dark. Aldenon highly relied on his colleague's, Linus Andersson, percussions (including a sinister trumpet), but also on Karina My Andersson's fragile and mermaid like voice. It seems that, at the age of 41, Aldenon succeeded into conceiving another fully attractive new COPH NIA chapter, as intricate, abstract and abstruse for the most...

Thelema and the other sources of inspiration seem to be hard to comprehend by the unconnoisseurs, therefore me myself cannot unclose too much details! But I can state for sure that "Religion" is a fascinating track, where the cold, callously expressive masculine voice communicates for over seven minutes with the feminine one, and this very duet open new paths for COPH NIA's sound.