CORVUS CORAX "Cantus Buranus II"

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CORVUS CORAX "Cantus Buranus II"
  • Album: Cantus Buranus II
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: PICA MUSIC
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The medieval music has been rediscovered in Europe by this German band! This is pretty much it, and any sort of comparison with other bands could be a blasphemy, even if some would play equally well. The second part of this orchestral project is just as elaborated as the first one, to say the least: symphonic orchestra, choirs, vocal soloists, bagpipes, percussions, tenors and explosive rhythms, everything sounds irreproachable! Still, something that I found to be left on second place is the Epic dimension, this being shadowed by the very pronounced symphonic elements that are to be found throughout the entire length of the album. The “De Mundi Statu” track is exceptional, same with “In Orbeum Universum”! I would really want to see these talented musicians in a concert, as the band has a totally different perception while performing live!