CRIONICS "Neuthrone"

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CRIONICS "Neuthrone"
  • Album: Neuthrone
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Again Black Death Metal, this time excellently executed! The keyboard is present now and then, not necessarily for enhancing the atmosphere, but in order to enrich the sound, unveiling a symphonic dimension. It seems that in Poland is contouring an inland Modern Death Metal current, highly qualitative from the interpretational point of view. This very album is a fresh one, full of energy, dynamism and rapidity, perfectly adequate for this kind of sonorities. Yet, this band has also missed the originality class, and this brings me deep disappointment as the four musicians are quite handy with the instruments, even with the vocal technique. I guess the aggressive Death and Black Metal admirers won't be let down, especially as the comparative bands would turn to be MORBID ANGEL and DIMMU BORGIR... well, this is more Black than the first, but utterly Death in relation with the second one!