CROMESHIFT "Ripples In Time"

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CROMESHIFT "Ripples In Time"
  • Album: Ripples In Time
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: DVS
  • Artist: 
  • Denmark

Excellent Progressive Metal! The same as in EVERON, TRESHOLD or MAGELLAN cases (as far as vocals are concerned... there are strong resemblances with the bands up-mentioned!), the Danes come out with a very good album, sometimes too knotty, with openings of all kinds, in DREAM THEATRE style, which proves a certain talent at "handling" the instruments. As far as originality is regarded, I'd say they are not the best... but all in all... this album can be considered as a good one. As you all might know already, this kind of voice is not my favorite one and therefore I keep the distance from such style. Yet, I am sincere when telling you I have no possible complains for the execution!