CRONIAN "Enterprise"

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CRONIAN "Enterprise"
  • Album: Enterprise
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 

The collaboration between Oystein G. Brun and Mr. V took a different shape in 2006, with the debut called “Terra”, released at Century Media! A lot of press was written about the combination between BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORG, OTYG and FISSION, everybody waiting for a genius second album. It seems that things didn’t really happen that way, perhaps only from the production point of view, one that is irreproachable. Other than that, the combination of Black with Atmospheric and Progressive does not surpass the level already establishes with their debut, not having made any progress. But it is a good new release, well structured, but one that isn’t shocking. Let us hope that the two very talented musicians will accomplish more with their next release!