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  • Album: Terra
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

It is obvious that Oystein G. Brun (BORKNAGAR) and the multi-instrumentalist Mr. V (VINTERSORG, OTYG, FISSION, WATERCLIME...) couldn't have started a new project without inculcating the directions they are both promoting in VINTERSORG. Considering this very aspect, I am a bit dissapointed! I was expecting a more avantgarde approach, more inovation. Perhaps CRONIAN is the VINTERSORG's "mirror effect", presenting this time less Black Metal and more of Progressive Atmospheric Metal entwined with 70's Rock. Normal voices alternate with yelled ones, in an elegant manner, while the rythms are eterogenous and complex. Sometimes I even get the feeling that the voices are placed on the wrong line and that "copy paste" could be used in characterizing the sound. But let's take a look to the other side: an excellent recording and mastering (Dan Swano/Unisounds), a professional performance, an original, rather unique, concept from the two, an exceptional atmosphere, melodious and full of virtuosity! Finally, it is a good debut for the two well-known artists, still too lean for what the others were probably expecting: ELSE!