CRUACHAN "Folk-lore"

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CRUACHAN "Folk-lore"
  • Album: Folk-lore
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Ireland

Not so long time ago, I was referring to this new album as if it sounded in the manner of the track "Ride On", then CRUACHAN would gain some respect and immediate success. The truth is that "Folk-lore" is somewhere between what I desired and what I feared it to be. As far as non-Metal point of view is concerned, the album might be considered a masterpiece since all traditional instruments are capable of transferring the listener back in time throughout certain Celtic shades imprinted on each single tune. Moreover, the female warm voice enters in resonance with the Irish medieval atmosphere while Shane McGowan's clear voice reaches its acme during the "Ride On" track. I might also mention about "Spancill Hill", a track conceived in slower approach than the original one (legendary in Ireland for more than 200 years) yet as charming and captivating as well. As for the Metal perspective, I actually find no praising words or maybe in the case I replace Metal with Rock. If Keith' voice were stronger and not so throaty and the guitars clearer and better mixed, then I might have considered "Folk-Lore" one of the rare successful albums in which Metal (Rock in this very case) joins harmoniuosly traditional music. Unfortunately, solely the non-Metal dimension colors and charms the aura of CRUACHAN music. I am sure that these new tracks will be well appreciated and elogiated since there are so few to venture in uniting such styles and though the competition is more than shy. Moreover, a good strategy was for John O'Fathaigh, member of the band, to draw up a superb cover and so was the remarkable manner of presenting the tracks while using historycal or legendary details simply meant outlining and weighting the CRUACHAN concept. I must say it is an astonishing and shocking album for each Celtic/Irish music devoted listener.