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  • Album: Ride On
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Ireland

If the new album, entitled Folk-Lore", sounds in "Ride on" track manner, then I can truly announce that CRUACHAN name must be memorized far beyond any doubt. The preceding album, released at Hammerheart, was modest and, although it received several congratulations as quite a success, I do not think of it impressing the most exigent critics of this particular style. "Ride On" should be the most popular traditional Irish track (lyrics by Jimmy Mc Carthy) and this version (including the performance of producer Shane Mac Gowan/THE POGUES) sounds wonderful in deed. I mean little of Metal, some of Rock and Irish elements (Irish flute, pipes, spoons, mandolin, bodhran), soft female voice, normal clear male one, simple guitars and clear sharp tunes... The other three tracks are rather dull, like embracing no sense at all, just noise with the claim of being Metal Gothic, traditional, commercial...I was not in the position of being certain. The sound is also unreasonably modest though "To Hell or Connaught" has been released as a bonus track for a limited edition of the album "The Middle Kingdom", now re-mastered...