C.S.S.O. "Are you Excrements?"

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C.S.S.O. "Are you Excrements?"
  • Album: Are you Excrements?
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: MORBID
  • Artist: 
  • Japan

Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ is the name of a band that, many years ago, in 1995, I believe, debuted with a quite an intriguing album entitled "Nagro Lauxes VIII". I remember a friend of mine recommended me this album and that was to a certain extent amusing for that time. Years have passed by and I assumed the Japanese quitted such job. That was false since Morbid label presents now, after five whole years, CSSO's new album as an inedited amalgamation of Rock and Metal styles from Flower Power to Grind Core. We can benefit of five extended tracks and a short one, pretty noisy yet with a little ambiance too, very originally weaved so that, here and there, a pleasant sound can be distinguished. It is a compound of music and parody, a Grind Rock that can only be regarded from a conceptual point of view and appreciated through the vision of a project with no limits either musical or textual. Otherwise there is nothing interesting...perhaps just a relish to all persons mad for musical and stylistic experiences. Anyway, these musicians seem not to be mentally healthy. I would really be curious to read some poetry of theirs...