DAEMUSINEM "Daemusinem Domine Empire"

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DAEMUSINEM "Daemusinem Domine Empire"
  • Album: Daemusinem Domine Empire
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

There were very few Italian bands who decided to follow the old Swedish Death Metal school line and this is why DAEMUSINEM might be considered an interesting band. The assortment of Melodic Black Metal and Fast Death Metal is quite successful during the entire sound and the keyboard, although modest and simple, definitely colors the tunes in different certain nuances. In exchange, I must reckon, the drummer is the best one in his job as Massimo Altomare is no one else but the collaborator of MORTUARY DRAPE and BLACK FLAME. In different words, the Italian trio features an AT THE GATES mixed with old times IN FLAMES, a little faster and rather much modern.