DAGORLAD "Herald Of Doom""

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DAGORLAD "Herald Of Doom""
  • Album: Herald Of Doom"
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: SHIVER
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

This very duet releases their third album, and it seems the most complex so far, but also calm, among them all. Focused on an elaborated Black Metal, mixed with Progressive and Fantasy Metal elements, sounding alike a spatial Soundtrack, DAGORLAD essays to open us a door toward a distinct dimension, not necessarily an artistic one, but rather atypical. The keyboard is intensely and brightly used, often reminding me of BAL-SAGOTH, while the voices are weary pale and the guitars sound fine. In conclusion, the instrumental part is well done, but not the vocal one too. The new album pays more attention to details and is more elegant, but it lacks the necessary force and dynamic in order to be considered a remarkable material. users.skynet.be/dagorlad