DAGORLAD "The End Of The Dark Ages"

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DAGORLAD "The End Of The Dark Ages"
  • Album: The End Of The Dark Ages
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: THE LSP
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

Well, I lived the day to found a band from Belgium that insists on an orientation rather sophisticated than technical and SUMMONING, ENID or BAL SAGOTH are only a few stylistic guiding marks. On one hand melodic, dark, epic, atmospheric, on the other...aggressive, futurist heroic medieval...all built on a Black Death Metal-this is the new DAGORLAD sound. The first album, released three years ago, "Incantations" enjoyed a timid achievement after which the entire scene forgot about DAGORLAD. Lucky facts as the new compositions are more carefully envisioned so that the sound is entirely followed by a warlike triumphant sovereign full of atmosphere and magic aura. The male voice oscillates between brutality and clearness while the female one seldom makes its appearance but not bothering! This project is a great surprise and an excellent choice especially for those who are mad about weirdness and complex albums! Sorry to say that the whole sound rather tends to be synthetic as programming is the instrument ready to replace almost any musical accessory! It is a different kind of TARTAROS yet more melodic and futurist, perhaps more epic and, of course, in Belgian version! Excellent!