DAKRYA "Monumento"

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DAKRYA "Monumento"
  • Album: Monumento
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: 279 PRODUCTIONS
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

The six Greeks have decided to impose themselves in a scene full of bands similar in style, each giving the feeling of faded originality. Very atmospheric, based on influences of bands like TRISTANIA, SIRENIA or THE SINS OF THY BELOVED and DAKRYA, it mixes Gothic with Black in a manner that is less than original, but still in an interesting way, basing its driver on the sum of voices, a normal sounding female one, a second one based on an aggressive male growl and a soprano which develops a remarkable neoclassical note. I think Thomais’s voice is the most charming element of the whole DAKRYA concept, the modulations of his voice dominating the whole sound. The keyboard sounds sort of bombastic and I must say, I quite like it, however the piano interludes could’ve be used more in resonance with the soprano; the guitars present to us a rage of sounds, from Progressive riffs and romantic solos to Metal brutalities. The drums seem modest and without personality, perhaps the mix was designed this way, putting more emphasis on the synth! Not a bad album, in any case! I don’t find the aggressive vocal interludes that break the fragility the two female voices are trying to build at all inspired. I understand that they went for a concept based on contrasts but this eventually lead to a build up of sometimes inspired ideas, other times simply forced onto the staves. Let's not be too critical though as we are talking of a debut album, and one that is very elegant, neat, a CD with a flawless recording and mixing, a professional looking booklet and musicality galore! Exclusively for fans of Gothic Metal!