DANTALION "When The Ravens Fly Over Me"

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DANTALION "When The Ravens Fly Over Me"
  • Album: When The Ravens Fly Over Me
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I know almost nothing about these musicians, aside from the fact that some of them seem to have performed in MYDGARD project. What is it we are listening in this case? Norse Black Metal, pretty aggressive, very fast, with a grim vocal, also including melodic, even epic, fragments that create an atmosphere suitable for the Norwegian Black Metal style. Perhaps I should be more permissive regarding this debut, but I cannot find any reason for doing so, as there are hundreds of bands alike DANTALION all around the world. It only deserves being mentioned as a debut, one that sounds good but which is completely lacked in originality and there is nothing else to it.