DARGAARD "Rise And Fall"

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DARGAARD "Rise And Fall"
  • Album: Rise And Fall
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

The album features a first track completely changed from what I knew... extremely long (over 10 minutes), with theatrical effects... like a movie soundtrack, based on bombastic choirs and a charming female voice. After such amazing beginning, DARGAARD returns to that enigmatic/magic Dark Wave full of romanticism and mysticism. Elisabeth's angelic voice is more present now than it used to be in the past and only seldom is interrupted by Tharen's aggressive voice. But even here we could extend our analysis as in the background clean male voices rather hymnal and of a choir could be heard. It is a synthetic sound but atmospheric as well, very melodic and captivating so that listening to all eight tracks it can only be a break through normality! The piano is even more powerful and clear with vigorous references to Classic and Dramatic while more and more passages are more diverse, full of colour and rhythm entwining both modern and traditional elements... and even medieval ones! After a fascinating debut, Tharen and Elisabeth have released another two similar albums, I'd say even identical, in which both tracks' resemblance and linearity could be the only negative aspects! The new DARGAARD chapter comes in with new elements, more inspiringly combined but as background... the music is simply the same! It was a real pleasure to listen to this album because it is about a unique sound: DARGAARD but nothing more!