DARK REFLECTIONS "Dark Epic Metal Offerings"

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DARK REFLECTIONS "Dark Epic Metal Offerings"
  • Album: Dark Epic Metal Offerings
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

This is a professional demo and I believe that the six musicians have invested some substantial finances hoping that this way a contract might be easy to get! It may work just fine, although I am disappointed of that Power tendency they developed. With a strong desire of gaining more and more popularity among fans, the band has decided to include in its proper sound as many influences as possible from Gothic or Doom Death Metal la Atmospheric or even Power Metal! Well, we have some Heavy guitars, three keyboards dominating the entire background and a vocal mixture that seems to be quite OK. I can notice a few Epic shadows but all in all I believe that the tracks are much more lighter than what they intended at the first place! Perhaps "Wishes Awaking" is a track more interesting because it grows on a "healthy" Dark Gothic Metal structure! For a demo, I'd say it is pretty interesting... but otherwise... I wouldn't notice it! Either Power or Dark Metal... it would be about time to decide over!