DARK SUNS "Existence"

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DARK SUNS "Existence"
  • Album: Existence
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The debut of these Germans, "Swanlike", three years ago, was somewhere in the OPETH zone, because the Melodic Death Metal done by the five rockers seemed a lot like the accords of Mike's band, including the extreme voice, characteristic for this style. But also there can be distinguished some Progressive elements, just like in the Swedish band's case. After they signed with Prophecy, the ones from DARK SUNS became a lot more calm in rendition, so on the new album we can't distinguish a single agressive voice. Everything is now calm, clear, complex Progressive Metal, well-structured, with as clear as crystal male voices, normal and with some Dark remnants, but which are dominated by atmospherical elements a lot better brought into prominence. The whole instrumentation sounds perfectly, which proves an incontestable profesionalism. Probably the PORCUPINE TREE fans should be surprised by this album and it should become a piece in their collection. For me, the shifting from Dark Metal to Progressive Psyhedelic Rock scares me a bit and makes me feel pretty circumspect concerning the future of this band seen from the Metallica angle. Otherwise, probably DARK SUNS won't miss the Progressive festivals from all Europe and will take part from another emisphere, much wider and more popular, but not as mystical and dark as the one I prefer. I don't think is worth insisting on the DARK SUNS subject, as long as the Rock dimension dominates the Metalic one.