DARKTHRONE "The Cult Is Alive"

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DARKTHRONE "The Cult Is Alive"
  • Album: The Cult Is Alive
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Cult, cult, cult! Nocturno Culto and Fenriz are back again! Indeed, with their 12th album, so full of anger and without any compromise done, they have to induce respect to the whole Underground scene! Nice, predictable and at all disturbing review, isn't it? But let's live out the neutral approach and call things as they are! Is there any chance for "Wiskey Funeral" to be a genuine Black track? It rather seems to be an album done in a frivolous manner, so that the two could gain some extra money from their fanatic and naive idolaters, those getting all wet just when hearing the words DARK THRONE! Even MAYHEM veterans admited this year that "Chimera" was a very modest album, done in a hurry and aimless, except for the money. With all the respect for this pioneer band named DARK THRONE, there are long years since I've last listened to something interesting under their mark! And so, I sit back wondering: if they truly are as conservative and introverted as they clame to be towards music, why have they done the switch, right after their debut, from pure Death Metal to Black Metal? Maybe because, back into those times Norway was the scene for a timid competition towards soaring a new musical style and bands like EMPEROR and SATYRICON struck out the direct musical approach? The main difference is that Fenriz focused only on maintaining that brutal Thrash/Death Metal (AURA NOIR, AGRESSOR), that has reached in early '90 a primitiv northern direction, named Nordic Raw Black Metal! Nothing changed since then! Same constant grunted voices, lacking diversity, nonvirtuous drums and simple, redundant, indistinctive guitar riffs! An album truly bereft of any Dark scent! As for the CD's booklet, it is rather simple, but appropriate to the DARK THRONE concept! Still, there is a track that deserves paying heed to, "Atomic Coming", a piece dedicated to Piggy/VOIVOD! However, I'll end on an optimist wave: those ten new tracks are played in the classic, healthy DARK THRONE manner, and the album could turn interesting to those diving into the underground Metal waters! As for the rest, just another line on the history wall, a revival of bygone frames of time, cause we can only experience an awkward recording and mixing. The cult is alive ... an engaging and inspired title... a strategic promotion, honestly! If I came to the point of thinking about marketing strategies when I talk about DARK THRONE... something is rotten in... Oslo!