DARKWELL "Conflict Of Interest"

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DARKWELL "Conflict Of Interest"
  • Album: Conflict Of Interest
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

There was quite some time to wait for this new material! After the excellent debut, " Suspiria", in 2000, the Austrians return with a well conceived MCD as far as imagery is regarded but for the quality sound as well. I am not in the position to say if the four new tracks stand for a forward step as far as insight is regarded but it definitely is a superior movement in the performance acceptance. The whole sound is stronger, more Heavy; guitars dominate; Alexandra's voice tends to reach weird inflexions rather awkward, in ATROX manner, and the battery is fantastic since Moritz Neuner is a real artist; we can hear some parts where a clear whispered male voice has a tendency of communicating with the female one. Gothic Metal resulted from the five's elaboration has reached now a different measurement, the one of Technic/Progressive. I must say that the keyboard seems rather too bombastic, despite of the outstanding atmosphere it creates, and this reminds me of lots of Gothic bands ruled by melodiousness fashion. There is also a Tanita Tikaram cover-version and two tracks from the debut, in live version, from which "Realm Of darkness" really proves to be the most inspired DARKWELL track. For those who want to buy the MCD, Napalm prepared as well two video-tracks live so that, the record definitely is worth the money.