DAWN DESIREE "Dancing, Dreaming, Longing"

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DAWN DESIREE "Dancing, Dreaming, Longing"
  • Album: Dancing, Dreaming, Longing
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Dawn is the voice of a defunct Gothic Atmospheric Metal project, which got noticed thanks to a very Heavy execution. This very project is a very awkward mixture of Dark Wave, Atmospheric, and Electro-Pop with references to Ethno or Neo-Classic. The first tracks are very emotional, slow and with a meditative aura and the angelic voice with an ethereal piano are the main actors of the sound. The second part of the album insists on Electro implications with a more dynamic rhythm that actually shatters the whole concept of such music. The album is rather introspective even if sometimes attempts to reach too many musical territories... leaving behind a shade of confusion... at least this is my perception! I must say that Dawn's professional vocal abilities are amazing and so is that piano which elegant majestic aura is all around. Trust me... it is a beautiful digipack with an excellent artwork!