DAWN OF RELIC "Lovecraftian Dark"

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DAWN OF RELIC "Lovecraftian Dark"
  • Album: Lovecraftian Dark
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I remember there were a lot of reviews about "One Night Carcosa" debut and mostly because the album was released under EARACHE. Although the Finns are pretty good, the melodic line owns not a personal touch and has nothing impressing. It is just a mixture often used nowadays in melodious Death and Black Metal: full of atmosphere ad interpretative force with electrostatic riffs, bombastic keyboard, rhythmic battery and vocals based on aggressiveness. Of course, there are as well Gothic parts, full of melodiousness in which the vocals become clear and moreover are accompanied by a female voice. What should I say? Perhaps I need to outline that the band started 10 years ago as a faithful disciple of modern Death Metal not being shy in embracing SENTENCED or CHILDREN OF BODOM sonorities and it brings for 2003 an elegant album, nicely prepared, dominated by a catching sound still brutal but perfect for listening to it. It can be spoken of some strength but I am afraid it is not enough of it.