DAZHBOG "Sunset - Legacy Of Solitude and Love"

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DAZHBOG "Sunset - Legacy Of Solitude and Love"
  • Album: Sunset - Legacy Of Solitude and Love
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Mexico

The fourth album of this solo project belonging to Samael F.F.R seems to be a sort of longer MCD, as it is 40 minutes long and its comprised of only 7 sequences, acoustic Folk Ambient composed with the help of the computer... and that’s about it. DAZHBOG its the perfect choice for relaxing, a refreshing music and full of positive energy, at times repetitive – so I don’t say boring – but one that sounds pretty good. I have had the occasion of listening to his previous release as well, “Olrun”, its done in the same manner, but perhaps more complex and a bit longer, the 12 tracks having a specific flavour! Interesting…