DEAD TO THIS WORLD "First Strike For Spiritual Renewance"

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DEAD TO THIS WORLD "First Strike For Spiritual Renewance"
  • Album: First Strike For Spiritual Renewance
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

As it all started with Iscariah's idea six years ago, I was expecting this new project to follow the same approach as the other bands he activated in did, meaning NECROPHAGIA and IMMORTAL. Well, Iscariah co-opted ex GORGOROTH drummer, Kvitrafn, and the two of them are now debuting at the Norwegian label. The musical style is one returning to the origins, to the mix of Speed, Thrash and Black Metal, very brutal and lacked in any modern influence. CELTIC FROST, KREATOR, SLAYER and many other bands of the '80's contour the stylistic spectrum of DEAD TO THIS WORLD. I found nothing interesting within this album, except the perspective of it being followed by and catching the attention of the angriest and most unaltered by modernism Northern fans. I could also mention the guest musicians that were invited to contribute to this album, musicians belonging to bands like OLD FUNERAL, THE BATTALION or ATOMIZER. The album is a modest one in what concerns the conception, yet the execution is exemplary.